2021 Discraft Great Lakes Open

Spectating at the 2021 Discraft Great Lakes Open

The 2021 Discraft Great Lakes Open will be a great opportunity to spectate and watch some of the best players in the world. The players love spectators and enjoy having an audience. There are a few things to remember when spectating:

  • The players take this very seriously - for some players this is their way of making a living. Please be considerate of their needs.
  • Do not ask for autographs before or during the round. Please save this for after the round.
  • Please try to stay behind the players when they are throwing. Also, if you are in the player's line of sight please be as still as you can. Do not be moving behind the basket when they are putting.
  • When the players are preparing to throw, please be quiet.
  • Please make sure your cell phones are on silent during the round.
  • If a player's disc lands out of bounds do not pick it up for them. Let them get their own disc.

VIP Badge $80

The cost for this is $80 and gets you free parking during the entire event plus a special badge and Spectator Pack. The badge will get you special access to the VIP tent at the event (which will include snacks and food). The VIP badge will also get you an amazing Spectator Pack valued at over $100!

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Weekly Parking Pass $35

The cost for this is $35 and gets you a free Limited Edition disc and a free shirt. This also gets you free parking for the entire tournament.

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Daily Parking Pass $10

The cost for this is $10 per day.

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AM Note: AM players playing the A Tier event will be given a pass to spectate at Toboggan as part of their player's pack.